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Why is Calcium Stearate So Significant in PVC?

Calcium Stearate in PVC

Calcium stearate is a white waxy powder referred to as calcium soap. It remains insoluble in most solvents and is biologically safe to use. Unlike wax, it does not get greasy even at increased temperatures because of its comparatively higher softening point.

Calcium stearate has numerous uses across several industries. Besides being used as an anti-caking additive in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, it serves as a waterproofing additive in construction. If we talk about calcium stearate uses in PVC, it serves as a lubricant and release agent in the plastics industry. Moreover, it is tremendously used as an acid scavenger.

The common characteristics of Calcium Stearate PVC Stabilizers are as follows:

  • Color: White
  • Form: Non-dusting Fine Powder
  • Bulk Density (g/cc): 2-0.3
  • Melting range: 140 -155°C
  • Moisture content: 0 % Max
  • Free fatty acid: 0 % Max.
  • Ash content: 5 – 11 %
  • Particle passing through 200 mesh: 99 % min

Calcium Stearate Uses in PVC

The chief uses of Calcium Stearate in PVC include the following:

  • Calcium Stearate curtails friction between PVC grains during refining when used as an internal lubricant.
  • It is generally used in melt-processed or plasticized PVC.
  • It is crucial as an external lubricant in rigid PVC, particularly in the absence of plasticizers.

Apart from these, calcium stearate has several other vital applications in various industries, which are listed in the section below.

Calcium Stearate Applications

The different applications of Calcium Stearate are listed below:

  • It is commonly used as Calcium Stearate PVC Stabilizer and lubricant
  • It is used as an anti-caking agent in Animal feed and fertilizer.
  • Calcium stearate serves as an additive for paint and varnish.
  • Fiber, paper, and asbestos industries use it as a waterproofing agent.
  • In the processing of A.B.S., Polystyrene, Polypropylene, and Polyethylene, calcium stearate is utilized as a lubricant and acid acceptor.

Now, let’s see where you can get the best Calcium Stearate PVC Stabilizer

Why Choose Faith Industries Ltd for Calcium Stearate?

For the last 45 years, Faith Industries Ltd. has been India’s leading exporter of integrated PVC & different polymer additives. It has a strong manufacturing and deep research base in catalysts, including PVC Lubricants, stabilizers, and stearates. It can offer you customized stabilizers and compounds in any quantity as and when required by the customers.

It is a part of the FAITH group, multiple award-winning companies for Excellence in Chemical Industries, and across India by GOI and a world-famous D&B agency. Faith Industries Ltd is a great achiever in the overall evaluation of Financial and non-financial parameters.

The company has achieved the SME 100 award 2018-2019 for scoring a position in the top 100 Small and Medium Scale Industries amongst more than 34 thousand nominations.

At Faith Industries Ltd., you can get Calcium Stearate PVC Stabilizer produced from excellent raw materials in an entirely integrated and self-regulating plant.


Above, we have explained the various characteristics and applications of calcium stearate, including Calcium Stearate Uses in PVC. We have also suggested you a trusted source for the product.

In case you still have any queries regarding Calcium Stearate PVC Stabilizer, feel free to contact us.

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