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Faith Group – A Leading Provider of Basic and Microcrystalline Waxes Worldwide

Microcrystalline Waxes

Still wondering where to get quality waxes in India and abroad? The hunt for the best class of industrial and non-industrial waxes ends here. With the rising demands for industrial waxes, the Faith Group of Industries strives to make the finest quality waxes, which are imported from various locations in their crude form. These are then formulated accordingly as per the product requirements or as specified by the customer. We have mastered the art of obtaining a wide array of waxes, be it, Basic Waxes, Synthetic Waxes or Formulated Waxes.

Why choosing the right category of wax is important?

Wax plays a vital role in giving the material, a definite amount of smoothness and act as an additive at the same time. Various industrial processes find its application and at different stages, different categories of waxes are used in giving the final look of the end-product. When it comes to different ranges, Paraffin wax are widely used which comes under the category of Basic Wax / Petroleum Wax.

For instance, the large consumption of Paraffin based wax emulsions is used as an additive in the leather tanneries where it is mixed with the coating chemicals such as binders, pigments, fillers, and wax as an important part as per set standards.

The main role of these paraffin-based wax is to help in the easy plate release at high temperatures when the final crust is being processed. Carnauba wax is also used in the processing of finished leather and in the food industries to enhance its appearance.

On the other hand, Polyethylene Waxes (also known as PE Wax) is widely used in the application of PVC processing as External Lubricant. The PE wax helps in providing an easy flow by acting as a Slip Additive , Dispersing Agent in Masterbatch manufacturing.

Faith Industries Limited has mastered the skills of manufacturing Antiozonant Waxes under its Formulated Wax category. These antiozonant waxes are formulated and processed according to the desired specification and mainly used in the rubber industry. It acts for UV protection and enhances the life of Tyre and rubber products.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get your queries solved by contacting our technical imbibed team, which works 24×7 to give the best result possible in the field of waxes. Our team makes sure to select the top-grade of raw materials which can sustain various temperatures and meet the market demand. We are currently catering to the need of highly demanded waxes to more than 30 countries.

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