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Zinc Stearate Uses: Guide for Buyers & Distributors

Zinc Stearate Uses: Guide for Buyers & Distributors

Zinc Stearate is classified as a non-toxic product and has diverse industrial use. It is extensively used as an important stabilizer in PVC applications, Releasing Agents in Polymer compounding, rubber, emulsifiers, etc.

It is usually available in powder form as the finer the particle size the better its end performance is. It is otherwise also available in non-duty flakes or granule and pastel forms. Its natural colour is white. The main input to make Zinc Stearate is Zinc and Stearic Acid.

Top 6 Industrial Uses of Zinc Stearate Powder

The impact modifiers are a boon to the plastic resins. Apart from its durability and toughness, it also helps with heat distortion flammability and optical and tense property improvement. We at Faith Group manufacture & export the entire range of high-quality Impact Modifier and Processing Aid. Our products are made from the best available feedstock from across the globe. We never compromise with the quality or process.

Our Registered PVC Impact Modifier and Processing Aid Products

1. Polymers: It is used as a thermal stabilizer whereby acts as an HCL scavenger during high-temperature processing of PVC.

2. Paints & Coating: It is used to improvise the texture of the coated film to give a flat effect. It imparts smoothness to the coat.

3. Rubber: It is used as an anticaking agent, anti-sticking agent, or as a mold release agent in rubber articles. It helps to reduce the natural adhesion tenancy of the rubber and helps the products to release from the mold or when plied upon each other.

4. Cosmetics: It is used as an anti-caking agent and sealants in cosmetics.

5. Pharma: For any use in Pharma, Zinc Stearate will have to be USP and Food Grade certified. It is used in skin care remedies, special formulations for inflammation medicines, etc.

6. Metal: It is an excellent lubricant during steel and other metal wire drawing.

Final Words

Faith Group has been manufacturing & supplying PolyAid range of Stearate, which also includes Zinc Stearate. Our certified PolyAid products use for multiple purposes like pressure & non-pressure pipes, column pipes, fittings, cables, rubber products, etc.

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