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Get the High-quality PVC Impact Modifier and Processing Aid

PVC Impact Modifier and Processing Aid

The durability and toughness of the plastic resins are improved as well as enhanced with the help of impact modifiers. Wondering how?

Technically, the impact modifiers are merged with the plastic compounded materials. The result of which the durability of the material is enriched.

The impact modifiers are the boon to the plastic resins. Apart from the durability and toughness, it also helps with heat distortion flammability, optical and tense property improvement. We at Faith Group manufacture & export the entire range of high-quality Impact Modifier and Processing Aid. Our products are made from the best available feedstock from across the globe. We never compromise with the quality or process.

Our Registered PVC Impact Modifier and Processing Aid Products


PolyMod is a registered trademark of Faith Industries Ltd. It is our unique Impact Modifier product that is a high-quality acrylic and MBS (methyl methacrylate (M), butadiene (B), styrene(S)) based modifier. We also offer CPE ( Chlorinated Polyethylene ) which is a cost effective solution in Impact Modifier. Our impact modifiers enhance the properties of the plastic resins without compromising with the other factors. The cost, as well as performance, is maintained parallel to deliver the best results.


PolyAid is our high-quality acrylic-based processing aid product that is registered trademark of Faith Industries Ltd. Our product becomes your number one choice for pipes and fitting, foaming board and sheet, casing and capping, etc. Also, your brand doesn’t need to compromise with the cost-efficiency as we believe in delivering quality value to our product.

Multiple Uses of Impact Modifier and Processing Aid:

  • Rigid Pressure Pipes
  • Column Pipes
  • Commercial & High Filler level Pipes
  • Conduits
  • Fittings
  • Casing & Capping
  • Trunking
  • Profiles
  • Flims, Sleeves
Do you need the best PVC Impact Modifier and Processing Aid?

We are well-known in the PVC IM/PA industry for the quality that we deliver. Above all, we are free for the customization and matching that can be done for reaching the maximum standard grades. Because we have been exporting for more than four decades; we understand the value of international trade and its requirements.

Apart from manufacturing the PVC modifiers and processing aid, we also help your company with a wide range of PVC lubricants, PVC and CPVC stabilizers and CPVC compound. We are also renowned for manufacturing widest range of waxes for diverse industries and applications.

If your company requires high-quality PVC impact modifiers and processing aid, you can reach us at We will get back to you with the specification and quotation at the earliest.

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