Polyethylene Waxes :

Faith Industries Ltd. is the remarkable Chlorinated Polyethylene Wax manufacturer and supplier, offering a PolyAid range of high-density PE waxes are available in fine powdered form in addition to standard Non Dusting forms like flakes and prills for various applications. HDPE waxes are also available in the Oxidised versions.

Low-Density PE Waxes are available in Paste / Jelly form.

Substituted Amide Waxes :

EBS Waxes used for slip additive masterbatches and mould release / dual lubrication in PVC processing. They also find application in Engg. Plastic processing like ABS due to extreme thermal stability.

Special Blends :

Customized Blends of Synthetic and other waxes can be made as per the requirement and application

Here at Faith Industries Ltd., we’re proud to manufacture and supply various Synthetic waxes such as Polyethylene waxes, Chlorinated Polyethylene wax, Substituted Amide Waxes, etc. Kindly mail to mail@faithind.com for the request of specification indicating your current and preferred type of waxes. Customised manufacturing can also be done as per the specific requirements

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