PVC Lubricants

Faith Industries Ltd. offers a large range of Individual Lubricants PolyFlo and PolyAid. They are made from the best of the feedstocks available in the international market.

PolyFlo range consists of various grades Hydrocarbon Waxes waxes with a high melting point. A special grade of Super White colour is most preferred in PVC extrusion and also in the manufacturing of Lubricated Stabilizers.

PolyAid range of specialty waxes and lubricants includes Polyethylene Waxes for PVC Lubrication, Masterbatches, inks, etc.

FreeFlo range consists of various grades of process aids for EVA compounding and processing. It is one of the very few solutions available worldwide for EVA compounding.


Kindly mail to mail@faithind.com for the request specifications indicating your current Lubricants.

Note: PolyFlo and PolyAid are registered trademarks of FAITH INDUSTRIES LTD.

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