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Mix Metal Solid & Liquid Stabilizer

Faith Industries Ltd. offers PolyFlexTM range of high performance mixed metal stabilizer in solid and liquid form. Liquid mixed metal stabilizer are generally based on Ba, Cd, K, Zn which is used in sevral applications.

PolyStab range of Mix Metal Stabilizers are

  • BaCdZn
  • BaZn
  • BaPb
  • CaZn
  • KZn
  • BaCdZn

Special Grades are offered for

  • White & Opaque Shoe Compound
  • Transparent Shoe Compound
  • Cable Compound
  • Films
  • Medical Compound
  • Profiles
  • Rigid Pipes & Fittings
  • Leather Cloth
  • Flexible Pipes
  • Flex Banner

Kindly mail to mail@faithind.com indicting your currently used and preferred type of mixed metal stabilizer with application details. Custom designing of specification can be done as per requirement.

Note: PolyStab is a registered trademark of FAITH INDUSTRIES LTD.

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