Investment and Jewellery casting Waxes

Faith Industries Ltd. offers a ready-made solution of wax compound for the Investment Casting and Jewellery Casting industries under the brand name PreciCast. With the use of the PreciCast range of wax compounds, the user is relieved from inventory management of various waxes and is also protected from price fluctuations and quality variation.

Antiozonant rubber waxes

Faith Industries Ltd. has been a pioneer in the formulation of Antiozonant waxes for the rubber industry since more than 30 years now. The finest blend of selected ISO and Normal Paraffins is made to arrive at the best quality product exclusively for the important functions of Blooming and Carrier of rubber chemicals.

Other formulated waxes :

Various blends of waxes and other feedstocks as per customer requirement and applications are made and supplied world wide. Small lot deliveries also possible.

Kindly mail to for the request of specification indicating your current and preferred type of wax. Customized manufacturing can also be done as per the specific requirements

NotePreciCast is a registered trademark of FAITH INDUSTRIES LTD.

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