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Enhance Your Productivity with the Best Range of Waxes and Lubricants by Faith Industries Limited

Waxes and Lubricants

Are you looking for the top-class waxes and lubricants which can provide smoothness to your materials? If yes, then you are at the right place as Faith Industries Limited is a pioneer in delivering the best quality PVC Lubricants, PVC Stabilizer, PVC Impact Modifier and Processing Aid, Waxes, CPVC Compound, to name a few.

Since our inception, Faith has been a leading provider of industrial raw materials which plays an important role in the manufacturing process of different quality products such as wax emulsions used in coatings of various leather, PVC and textile applications.


With decades of experience in processing the high-end raw materials in Ahmedabad, the Faith group is one of the most valued and recognized industries in the world in the field of PE wax, Hydrocarbon wax, Calcium stearate, Paraffin, One pack lubricant, etc. These materials conform with all the Indian and International standards as it makes sure that the selected raw materials undergo a set of quality and safety tests.

Our Team:

Providing the best range of PVC Lubricants, PVC Stabilizer, PVC Impact Modifier and Processing Aid, Waxes, CPVC Compound are only possible with the help of a qualified team of experts from leading institutes and industries who approves the material are ready to go for the next process. Our team is fully imbibed with technical and practical knowledge with years of experience in the manufacturing processes of these products.

The products find their use in various industries such as chemicals, masterbatches, and emulsions. Further processing gives smooth and optimum results to make fittings, pressure pipes, wax emulsions, conduits, cables, casing, and capping, etc.

Research and Development Programs

Faith Industries Limited strives to make the world a better place by making eco-friendly products by strictly adhering to environmental laws with its green technology initiatives. Our R & D programs are one of the best to make sure that every material meets the test qualifications as specified by our quality control teams.

Starting from the production of Paraffin Wax, we have become a leader in the field of selling various forms of waxes and lubricants, resulting in the achievement of various awards by the ministry of excellence.

Contact Us:

If you are looking for the best quality PVC Lubricants, PVC Stabilizer, PVC Impact Modifier and Processing Aid, Waxes, CPVC Compound , and other high-end compounds, feel free to contact us on

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