Tracing it's roots to way back in 1942, when our founder, Pannalalji Kankariya set up his first cotton processing and Oil Mill in Rajasthan, FAITH is credited with setting up India's first integrated wax processing complex. FAITH Group of Companies has strived hard and has been successful in becoming India's only composite entity that manufacturers a range of value added wax based Performance Additives for various industrial sectors.

  • 1975 - FAITH Group started its first production of Paraffin Wax with BIS certification.
  • 1979 - As a next development FAITH Group put up the first Chlorinated Paraffin Wax plant in Gujarat State.
  • 1980 - As a next development FAITH Group added Microcrystalline Waxes in its product range and become the first producers in India.
  • 1982 - FAITH started manufacturing of Waxes for PVC lubricants and soon became the largest manufacturer in India.
  • 1992 - As a first diversification, FAITH started the manufacturing of new generation Hot Melt Adhesives.
  • 1996 - Sensing the spurt in Infrastructural Development in India FAITH developed a new division in the company Traffic Safety System and ventured into the manufacturing and application of Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint.
  • 1997 - FAITH added the manufacturing of world class PVC Stabilizers PolyStab, instant recognition world wide.
  • 2004 - FAITH added a new product line of Epoxidised Soya Bean Oil PloyFlex at its Santej Unit.
  • 2005 - FAITH was appointed as Official Converter by world leaders for Retro Reflective Signages and other products.
  • 2009 - FAITH added the manufacturing of world class PVC Calcium Zinc based Stabilizers EcoStab in a exclusive facility.
  • 2010 - FAITH starts its Real Estate Development division and provides luxurious living options for Ahmedabad city.
  • 2013 - FAITH added the manufacturing of world class PVC Calcium Organic based Stabilizers EcoStab+.
  • 2019 - FAITH starts manufacturing of CPVC Compounds
  • First to export HMA to EU countries from India.
  • First Microcrystalline Wax & BIS Certified facilities for Paraffin Wax in India.
  • First product approval from major tyre cos of the world for Surfix range of antiozonant rubber waxes.
  • First to get the coveted TEC approval from Union Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, for Curde bottom allocations for Microcsryastalline Wax manufacturing.
  • First and only company to Export waxes regularly out to India to exacting international customers around the world.
  • Completed single largest Retro Reflective Signage tender of Govt.Of Gujarat in terms of value and quantity in record time.
  • First Indian company to have foot prints in over 30 countries for PVC additive supplies.
  • First PVC additive manufacturer in the State to be awarded and recognized as Export House status holder by Govt. Of India for constant high exports year on year for PVC additives.
  • Dun & Bradstreet awards FAITH as winner for Excellence in Chemical Industry in India
  • FAITH becomes largest exporter of PE Wax to EU from India in stipulated time

All major laboratory infrastructure required as per ASTM / BIS standards for testing of PVC Additives , Waxes and other chemical Products exist at FAITH. Personnel are trained to handle analysis and developmental tools like:

  • Gas Chromatograph
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • Gel permeation Chromatography
  • Brookfield Viscometer
  • Brabender
  • Twin roll Presses
  • Lab Extruders
  • Desedimentation
  • Sulphonation
  • Caustisizing
  • Hydrowashing
  • Micropore Filteration
  • Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation
  • Fractional Distillation
  • Filtration
  • Aromatic Extraction
  • Clay treatment
  • Blending
  • Flaking
  • Prilling
  • Slabbing
  • Extrusion
  • Spin Flash Drying


Quality has been the benchmark of FAITH since inception.

  • Total commitment for customer satisfaction.
  • Protection and Care of Environment.
  • Market Leadership.
  • Trend setter.
  • Focus for Quality Excellence.
  • Sustainable Development of Stakeholders and Employees.


Relying on it's 'ability to dream' and it's 'will to do', FAITH initiative stems from it's strategies to expand in emerging markets and, in accordance, has geared itself with most modern plants near Ahmedabad with a vision to become and remain the most admired company in the PVC additive and wax sector world wide.

Defining its focus from being a manufacturer of commodity waxes to an advanced player in performance formulations and solution based value added products FAITH has diversified into being a major player with more than 60% market share in niche industrial sectors.